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PAN PRIMO – EASTER CAKE - Segreti di Sicilia

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Produced only with the highest quality ingredients: eggs from free-range hens, Sicilian almonds, a mother yeast renewed for over 50 years and of course our Primo olive oil for a unique taste and lightness, and a soft and durable texture. (SEASONAL PRODUCT)
Candied orange peel (orange peel, glucose syrup, sugar), wheat flour, free- range fresh egg yolk, extra virgin olive oil, cane sugar, natural yeast (wheat flour, water), water, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of vegetables fatty acids, Italian honey, salt, vanilla pods. - Ingredients of the icing: sugar, fresh egg whites from free-range hens, almond, almonds flour, olive oil, rice flour, corn flour, rice starch.
Perfect as sweet o dessert at the end of a meal or for breakfast or as a snack.
7002L (26,5oz)
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