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Company Segreti di Sicilia

The secret of our success is the love and passion that bind us to our Land.

The real “Secret of Sicily” is the sun that bathes our island, always offering up the best fruits. We then select them with care, combine them with our top olive oils, constantly striving with new cooking techniques, to preserve intact the organoleptic characteristics of each product. We have prepared them for you with the intention to excite and convey, through the flavors and aromas, the sensations of our land and its history.

Sicily has always been at the crossroads of peoples and cultures and from all who have been here, Sicilians have managed to inherit the best aspects of all these food cultures, making our culinary culture one of the most varied in the world. Our range of Secrets of Sicily tells the story of the succession of ancient cultures and peoples that have passed through this Island. Every single ingredient and recipe is strictly Sicilian and guaranteed by the Cutrera family.

Every product, every ingredient, every jar contains a glimpse of our land, a piece of our culture, a secret of our tradition not yet revealed, a handful of sensations to which we are privy. Being a real Sicilian family, we wish to share them and that is the reason why we are offering our selection of the best products, the best recipes, the most authentic products of this island.

Each product will reveal the ” Secrets of Sicily,” our beloved island, as Goethe described it: “The purity of the contours, the sweetness of the whole, the harmony of the sky, the sea, the land … who sees them once, holds them for a lifetime. In Sicily lives the key to all. ” Just as Goethe was impressed by the heart by Sicily, we wish our customers to share in the profound pleasure that is at the heart of our Secrets of Sicily. Discover our Secrets of Sicily, discover our Sicily.

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